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My name is Dr. El Amin. I take the action of facilitating each individual patient/partner's restoration program for whatever presents, because each individual needs standard and operational requirements and goals should never be compromised due to unpredictable circumstances are also accounted for. I have experienced a hopelessness in my personal health care that conventional health care structures has had no capacity for any viable solutions nor did I dilute myself in the process of making a difference posthumous from a dissection of my body and my brain. I was completely certain as a medical student and athlete, that the doctor's were not aware at all what it felt like to have had twenty concussion and forty sub-concussion head injuries, or what it does to a person's lack in ability to function normally. I was simultaneously dealing with the fact that I was sidelined with three achilles tendon rupture injuries in a three year span, looking at a minimum of six years recovery, according to the current health care standard rehab procedures and prognosis. I was not the only athlete who worked very hard to get a chance to play on a higher level and potentially making it to the NFL or NBA. As a dual sport athlete, I saw myself doing both, in my dreams. Only to have botched surgeries and incompetent "rehabilitation" that was never designed nor did it include specific protocols set for a high level athlete. I have spent 4 decades of education and training to qualify myself as a competent and competitive medical professional with cutting edge ideas about how to get better. I have a few ideas about how to treat someone who needs the help, support and expertise for immediate relief. I never got that. I am fed up seeing conventional health care patients not get the help they need, and I know many people are tired of sitting in the waiting rooms longer than you're actually spending in the appointment with the provider getting treatment. 

Aren't you sick and tired of being given a prescription drug before they even know what could possibly be wrong? For this reason alone you should feel an urgency to come and at least find out what I have to say? My alternative Interpretation of what you are presenting with how it concerns you, and why it and other things are making you feel horrible, may be the truth you need to hear. I promise I will help.

Dr. El and sadooda
I will help you find your peace.
You deserve freedom from pain

Dr. El believes that Neuromuscular Physiotherapeutics is an amazing way to reconnect and get in tune with what your body needs.

Dr. El Amin specializes in reducing physical pain and eliminating associated stress by utilizing combined medical massage techniques, myofascial and myoskeletal alignment techniques, stretching, cupping therapy, and soft tissue manipulating tools when therapeutically needed.

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